Leaves of Bud Break

Mary_Steinbacher_Photography_Morisoli_031914 (35)_450xMorisoli Vineyard in Rutherford spring is showing its stuff with leaves on Cabernet vines.  These beautiful old vines with their excellent winemaker, Amy Aiken, make fabulous wines.

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Napa Valley Bud Break

Mary_Steinbacher_Photography_Chimney_Rock_031914_115_select_450xWhile the buds on the vines are quite small at this time, leafing out has indeed started.  Here at Chimney Rock green and the slight yellow of mustard is filling the vineyards and hillsides.

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Cat Photography staring Buddy Love

Mary_Steinbacher_Photography_Buddy_Love_031414_PS_450x_CRBuddy Love in his spring fur and happy to be in the sunshine this morning.  So interesting to share time with this fine feline.  He’s a gentleman to be sure and so very kind, seriously, I do not think he could possibly hurt anyone and would not dream of striking out.  This week he even met a two-year-old who, after meeting and evaluating, decided she was a good little pal and allowed her to touch and pat at her leisure.  Generally he’s not into posing for photographs but this morning, with assistance, I was able to get this and many other handsome photos of Buddy Love.

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Napa Valley Mustard

Mary_Steinbacher_Photography_Morisoli_Vineyard_031214_132_450x_CR_Early this morning near  Morisoli Vineyard in Rutherford a sunrise on the mustard that is finally have blooming throughout the valley.  Thank goodness for the recent rains and the eruption of green and the beautiful yellow of mustard.


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Buddy Love in Napa

Our newly adopted cat, Buddy Love, just awake from a several hour nap.

Our newly adopted cat, Buddy Love, just awake from a several hour nap.

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Napa Valley Prints

Mary_Steinbacher_Photography_Vineyard_Print_Napa_Valley_ 500x_








Autumn is a most beautiful time here in Napa Valley a time when the vines, tired from their work of creating delicious fruit, begin to relax and prepare for a winter’s sleep.  This photo and many more are now available for purchase as prints.  Simply click the print button on my site and explore.

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Wyoming Photographic Prints

River CrossingWyoming…like no place on Earth!  The signs used to read as you entered the stunning state of Wyoming.  It’s still that same stunning state, still awash with endless skies, and lands that share the contorts of the earth.

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Looking over Napa Valley at Oakville

Mary_Steinbacher_Photography_Futo_110813_156_PS_500xIt’s autumn in our valley and Napa is filled with color.  In this photo, taken last week in the hills of Oakville overlooking the valley, I glanced out over Napa Valley and at the color from the tips of my feet all the way across the expanse of Oakville.  Such a beautiful morning and each second so peaceful.  Wish you were here!

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Oakville Ranch Vineyard overlooking the Napa Valley

Mary_Steinbacher_Photography_Napa_Valley_Oakville_102113_101_500xAbove the fog at the Oakville Ranch Vineyard.  Only slightly visible in the blog sized image is an autumn colored vineyard, lower right side.  Surrounded by golden vines where I was to shoot that morning it was most difficult to pass on such an opportunity as this amazing valley filled with fog.

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Napa Valley Corporate Event


Saturday evening I was again shooting at the beautiful Joseph Phelps Winery on the Silverado Trail in Napa Valley.  Temperatures were magical as was the feel and spirit of the evening’s event.  In this photo one of the tables set for the festivities of the evening.

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