Winter in Napa Valley

Mary_Steinbacher_Photography_Napa_Winter_450xSnow is blowing around the country and in the Northeast feet and feet of snow.  Here in Napa Valley we are surrounded by the color of mustard, blooming so brightly in the vineyards.

In this photo mustard as ground cover in a Zinfandel vineyard in the Oak Knoll AVA.  Weather had been so beautiful and while we know we need rain we also know it’s coming and soon.  For now we’ve enjoyed the warm days, the bike rides with just a shirt, no gloves needed, no winter wear.  This photo was originally taken with a cell phone, then the next morning I returned with Canons and created this and several other images.  Cheers to our delightful Mediterranean weather.

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Autumn at Chimney Rock Vineyards, Napa Valley


Late November in the Chimney Rock Vineyards and all the color of autumn.

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Thanksgiving morning in Napa Valley


It was a beautiful morning, Thanksgiving at sunrise in St. Helena, with photos of the Culinary Institute of America, the Napa campus.  In vineyards as in life there is so much to be thankful for and each day rejoice in our lives.  Cheers to great foods, great wines and sharing our love and lives with others.

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Napa Valley Autumn at Krug and CIA

Mary_Steinbacher_Photography_Krug_CIA_100914_113_450xIt’s autumn here in Napa Valley and glorious in every way.  Early this morning at Charles Krug Winery’s vineyards I was shooting across tops of vines at the Culinary Institute of America.  This stunning and historic building teaches some of the best chefs in the country and world. Over the coming weeks I’ll be back to this location as I seek more drama in the color of the vines and hopefully clouds or fog.

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Harvest of Cabernet in Napa Valley

Mary_Steinbacher_Photography_Lewelling_092914_210_450xMary_Steinbacher_Photography_Lewelling_092914_223_450xMary_Steinbacher_Photography_Lewelling_092914_137_450xMary_Steinbacher_Photography_Lewelling_092914_190_450xEarly yesterday morning I was off to shoot a harvest of Lewelling Vineyard in St. Helena, grapes being sourced by winemaker, Amy Aiken, who can be seen in the last photo. This time of year the valley has the aroma of grapes, early in the morning, walking out to pick up the newspaper the aroma swirls in the air, fragrant and a reminder of where I live and just how lucky I am to be a photographer here in Napa Valley.  Whether it’s a harvest or winter green with bright blooming mustard or the shoots on the vines in spring it’s a most wonderful place in our world.


A nice quote with these full of harvest photos:

Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy.

Benjamin Franklin



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Napa Valley Earthquake 2014

Mary_Steinbacher_Photography_Napa_Earthquake_082414_102_450xEarly yesterday morning, 3:20 AM to be exact, we felt the tremors of an earthquake.  A 6.0 quake sounded and felt like a train hitting our home.  After the initial jolt we were tossed about for about 15 seconds.  Yes we had brakeage in our home, glass table tops, lamps and a few little treasures but as no one was hurt in our home or in the neighborhood.  We just waited it out and with friends spent time on the street, sitting for a time on the curb, waiting for any aftershocks.  After a time we all returned home to begin the cleanup.  By afternoon we needed a break and rode our bikes to downtown Napa.  While we had thought our home was a disaster area, and it was, it in no way resembled Napa.  Our pretty little town looks like a bomb went off.  Many buildings damaged many, like the Vintners Collective above, red tagged as they are not safe.  Later today I’ll be back downtown, camera in hand, shooting a few other buildings that needed afternoon light.

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Stags Leap AVA Napa Valley









Summer solstice here in Napa Valley is always a favorite time for photography as it marks a turning point in the sun’s migration north.  This photo was taken the day before the solstice when I was shooting in the Stags Leap AVA at a beautiful hillside vineyard.  As the sun set I watched as the sky grew more and more brilliantly colored and vibrant.  This photo taken quite early in the color show but still gives a sample of a magical evening in Napa Valley.

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A Russian Couple In Napa Valley

Valerie and Elmar at Meadowood Resort & Spa in Napa Valley.  Wedding day and a call home to Russia.

Valerie and Elmar at Meadowood Resort & Spa in Napa Valley. Wedding day and a call home to Russia.

If you look closely you will see the phone call is to Mommy and from a couple who are both from Russia and who met here in America, fell in love and were married recently at the beautiful Meadowood Resort & Spa.  Now living in Arizona they will soon be moving to the Bay Area.  They were at every moment a most delightful couple.



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Carneros AVA Spring Vines










What a beautiful vineyard found in the Carneros area of Napa Valley.  As I was waiting for an event to start on Thursday evening I scouted the edge of a vineyard and found this beautiful images of tendrils wrapped around emerging leaves on the grape vines.   It’s interesting, as a photographer there is never a dull moment, there is always something of interest, always something that is worthy of a photograph, it’s just that at certain times the images offer more, as in this moment in a Chardonnay Vineyard in Carneros AVA in Napa Valley.  When people ask us where we live we say, Heaven!  Napa Valley is truly a gift and a small piece of Heaven.

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Leaves of Bud Break

Mary_Steinbacher_Photography_Morisoli_031914 (35)_450xMorisoli Vineyard in Rutherford spring is showing its stuff with leaves on Cabernet vines.  These beautiful old vines with their excellent winemaker, Amy Aiken, make fabulous wines.

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