Best of times – Weddings

Truly the best of times are at weddings.  Family gathers around, friends fly in for your day and memories are created to last a lifetime.  Cheers to all the wonderful and loving weddings we have photographed.














Two years of planning, numerous residency locations for these premed students, now doctors, who chose to be married at the beautiful chapel at St. Mary’s University in Maryland.  Their day arrived loaded with rain, not just a sprits of rain but total downpours throughout the day.  Here they enjoyed a brief break from the celebration with a walk through the autumn trees of the East.













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Wedding Memories & Favorites

Did you know just how much I love the Napa Valley and California, how I love and miss the state of Wyoming and in our beautiful state of California I love the stunning beauty of Yosemite National Park?  Happy are those how choose to be married in these amazing places and how great that they choose to share with me and my team.  Cheers to great and beautiful weddings in our wonderful world.

Yosemite National Park wedding

Mariah and Brian's wedding Yosemite National Park May 31, 2009









Mariah and Brian's wedding Yosemite National Park May 31, 2009









Bride and groom at Inspiration Point in Yosemite National Park









Mariah and Brian's wedding Yosemite National Park May 31, 2009












Before the ceremony in the trees of a Bed and Breakfast.










Philadelphia Arboretum wedding










Katherine and Chris happily married above the wide open spaces of Wyoming.

Mary Steinbacher Photography Napa California; this photo Saratoga WY












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Wedding Photography Favorites & Memories

With the grouping below you will find a few of my favorite wedding images.  There are quite literally hundreds of favorites but for this Blog post I’ve chosen a few that truly made me smile as I thought back to their Napa Valley, Yosemite, redwood trees, Pacific Ocean and the fun filled days, the celebrations and the loved shared by family and friends.

Best of friends & bridal party.


Party time in Wyoming.











Pebble Beach Pacific Coast




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Napa Valley Autumn

Friday morning when I woke I looked outside and saw the deepest fog I’ve maybe ever seen in Napa Valley.  Amazing to see such dense fog, could not see across the street let alone the mountains in the distance.  Instantly I rushed for cameras and zipped out the door, knowing exactly where I wanted to shoot.

Within half a mile the fog was gone.  Oh well, it was still a most interesting morning with moving clouds and fog so I continued on to the driveway of Far Niente in Oakville.  There I knew I would find the gingo tree lined driveway to the winery.   As you can see below it did not disappoint, yes all leaves were on the ground, which I did expect due to the few freezing morning we have had.  But seeing the line of nearly bare trees, the leaves shed on the ground lining the road was a beautiful site early Friday morning.

Quickly I grabbed cameras, a tripod and jumped to the middle of the road.  After a few frames (12 actually) I felt a rain drop.  One more frame and then, down came the pouring rain.  Camera quickly stashed in my car, tripod tossed in I quickly started to laugh and smile at the beauty in front of me at that moment.  As you can see the very wet roadway made the brightness of the leaves into a stunning photo of autumn in Napa Valley.

Mary_Steinbacher_Photo__120415_Final (104 of 6)_PS_450x

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Napa Valley is green and growing

This brightly colored cluster of leaves were found on the vine on the Vernal Equinox  a few weeks ago.  Often with the change of seasons I enjoy being out with camera in hand to mark this special turn of seasons and capture nature in all her beauty.  In this photo it’s not just the green but also the twine tie.  No plastic but twine like used for bales of hay or straw.  To me just something authentic about the texture and color.  Later this week I will be out shooting again and will share the vines in all their current glory.  It’s a marvel to watch as the vines fill out so quickly.  Mary_Steinbacher_Photo_Napa_Valley_Budbreak_030115_550x (124 of 336)

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Hall Winery’s Bunny Foo Foo, Napa Valley

This week, yesterday, I was up and out quickly to photograph the beautiful Bunny Foo Foo that is leaping in the vineyards of Hall Winery just south of St. Helena.  This 35′ stainless steel sculpture weighs in a 3.3 metric tons of metal and was created by artist Laurence Argent.  Waking yesterday, thinking of sunrise and the beautiful light of this time of year it was an easy Easter type decision to photography this great rabbit.


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Winter in Napa Valley

Mary_Steinbacher_Photography_Napa_Winter_450xSnow is blowing around the country and in the Northeast feet and feet of snow.  Here in Napa Valley we are surrounded by the color of mustard, blooming so brightly in the vineyards.

In this photo mustard as ground cover in a Zinfandel vineyard in the Oak Knoll AVA.  Weather had been so beautiful and while we know we need rain we also know it’s coming and soon.  For now we’ve enjoyed the warm days, the bike rides with just a shirt, no gloves needed, no winter wear.  This photo was originally taken with a cell phone, then the next morning I returned with Canons and created this and several other images.  Cheers to our delightful Mediterranean weather.

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Autumn at Chimney Rock Vineyards, Napa Valley


Late November in the Chimney Rock Vineyards and all the color of autumn.

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Thanksgiving morning in Napa Valley


It was a beautiful morning, Thanksgiving at sunrise in St. Helena, with photos of the Culinary Institute of America, the Napa campus.  In vineyards as in life there is so much to be thankful for and each day rejoice in our lives.  Cheers to great foods, great wines and sharing our love and lives with others.

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Napa Valley Autumn at Krug and CIA

Mary_Steinbacher_Photography_Krug_CIA_100914_113_450xIt’s autumn here in Napa Valley and glorious in every way.  Early this morning at Charles Krug Winery’s vineyards I was shooting across tops of vines at the Culinary Institute of America.  This stunning and historic building teaches some of the best chefs in the country and world. Over the coming weeks I’ll be back to this location as I seek more drama in the color of the vines and hopefully clouds or fog.

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